What we do

Many people in the UK call themselves "environmental lawyers". Some firms boast substantial departments. We however are one of a tiny minority of lawyers who work full time using the law to better the environment for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Our public law work is similarly focussed. We like to see the law used to protect those interests. Our work has amply shown that it has not been so used, and that those whose interests are best served by ignoring law designed to protect the environment and proper decision making have got away with too much for too long.

The law is there to be used. It is surprising how little it has been used to protect environmental rights in the past. We have found it can be - as our case history shows. Part of the reason for reluctance is fear of exposure to costs. This fear can be overcome.

The sort of work we do all the time is, for most solicitors, a curiosity. People also think that what the government or local authorities do or say must be right, and are surprised that they can be challenged. In our experience, once the government or other public authority decides to do something, it is very difficult to persuade them otherwise. They tend ONLY to listen to the courts. Perhaps because people do not expect the law to be helpful, they are reluctant to approach lawyers. They are particularly worried that the money meter will start ticking immediately!

We have to operate commercially, but are always prepared to give clients, or potential clients, an opportunity to talk a problem through without obligation, and to work out ways of making accessing the law affordable. Various recent changes to the law have helped this - see the funding section of this site for more details.

We work in diverse areas of the law, with the unifying factor being the solving of the environmental problems of individuals. See the links on this menu for more information about the individual areas of work.