Woodrow - Kings Cross

Cleared: Cllr Brian Woodrow

Anger at ‘churlish' Town Hall memo accusing cleared Brian

Ex-planning chief vindicated after two years, only for accusations to fly again

CAMDEN'S new legal chief and her press aides have come under fire for circulating a memo insisting that officials were right to report the Town Hall's former planning chairman to the Standards Board - even though he was vindicated last week.

Labour councillor Brian Woodrow was cleared of bringing the council into disrepute by the Adjudication Panel for England last Wednesday.

Innocent councillor tells of his court fight

A CAMDEN councillor has spoken of the two-year battle to clear his name which has left him ill and around £10,000 out of pocket.

Councillor Brian Woodrow, former head of the planning committee, was cleared of allegations of bias against Argent's £2billion King's Cross redevelopment on Wednesday.

He was reported to the Standards Board by former council solicitor Alison Lowton in 2004.

"I am pleased that after so long and so much stress, I have been so fully vindicated," he said.

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