Caroline Chilvers


Caroline qualified as a solicitor in 2001.  Prior to joining Richard Buxton in 2013, Caroline worked as a commercial litigator, specialising in high court disputes and Alternative Dispute Resolution including arbitration, mediation and expert determination.  Since joining Richard Buxton as an associate solicitor, Caroline has undertaken a broad range of work for clients including residents' groups, special interest organisations and individuals.  

Caroline's caseload mainly comprises planning and environmental judicial review cases.  Examples of recent cases include the following - representing local residents challenging a grant of planning permission to redevelop Bristol Rovers' football ground into a supermarket; representing a community group challenging the grant of planning permission for a development scheme in close proximity to breeding populations of protected bird species; and representing local residents of Ulverston opposing the demolition of a historic Victorian brewery and erection of a town centre supermarket.  Caroline has also recently represented a group of Putney residents in the Court of Appeal, opposing a scheme to annexe and develop part of Putney common as part of a council led redevelopment.

Caroline also specialises in statutory and private nuisance, most recently in respect of aircraft noise nuisance and the activities of a village centre abattoir.  Caroline is also currently representing a farming client in the First Tier Tribunal, challenging Defra's designation of a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) under the Nitrates Directive and the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations.